but Reggae is not

Captain 27

September 27 2014

There was this rally today right in front of my window. A rally against the refugee policies from the government I guess. They chose this spot because of what has happened at the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule, just around the corner a few weeks ago. Though I’m not sure they all realize what actually had happened there. A common misconception is that the school was evacuated in order to deport the refugees back to wherever they came from, when in fact it was evacuated because someone got killed there and that seemed to prove that conditions had become unbearable. There were speeches at the rally and they had such a powerful PA that it was almost impossible not to hear what they had to say. Half of it was in french though, which I can’t understand really. Then they played some Reggae tunes. It’s sad to see how refugees got stigmatized with Reggae in this day and age. Is there no justice anymore. If I was a refugee and I am in a way, I would not like to be associated with that awful music in any form, nor with the Didgeridoo, thank you very much.

Dark Skies

captain 26

September 25 2014

I had writers block. Couldn’t think of anything to tell for two days. Well, some might argue that this hasn’t stopped me before, but his time it’s different. I guess it’s to do with coming back from Brussels and everything here being just like before, so I said to myself: What’s the point?! But then, it’s not completely like before cause in the meantime the summer has gone and all of a sudden it’s autumn. Yes, the days are shorter, colder and by and large more depressing. And if that sound to negative, I like the cold and the dark and the melancholy that comes with it. And besides, the nights are so much quieter now.

A coffee for the duck?

Captain 25

September 22 2014

Today I was on Business in Brussels. I got a room on the fourth floor and the view wasn’t half bad but it was no match for my window in Berlin. Brussels is a bit like Paris in parts, but with lot’s of new buildings everywhere. Why is that? Brussels never got bombed during WW II, so how do they found all that room for modern stuff? Or did they just had a lot of old and ugly buildings that needed tearing down. On the plane the steward mistook me for a duck. I guess I should be used to it by now, but what kind of duck has no wings and arms and hands. You don’t need to have a Phd in Biology to spot the difference, do you?

have bike, will travel

Captain 24

September 21 2014

Every now and then this array of bicycles appears right in front of our block and then an hour later or so it’s gone again. I always try to watch it closely to see what people come with it and probably even find out what they are doing here, but so far no luck. Either I get distracted by something else or I have a little power nap. For some strange reason, I never saw who came and went on those bikes. Oh well, one of these days I’m gonna catch them. Or maybe it’s one of them time traveling array of bikes that really appear and then disappear without a trace.

revenge fantasies of the impotent

Captain 21

September 20 2014

So I was wrong. It took more than a week for the first graffiti to appear on the repainted wall of the Spreewaldbad. And then it’s not even a proper graffiti, is it. No tag, no design, no skill. The message being rather blunt. I wonder what kind of person would sneak there in the middle of the night and of all the things he or she could have said he (let’s face it, it’s got to be a him) opted for the rather overused ‘Fuck You’. Was he too illiterate or too unimaginative to go for a more subtle or eloquent message? And who is the the ‘you’ in fuck you. Is it you or is it me? Is it the police who’ve roamed the park recently, or is it the painters who renovated the entrance. It can’t be me really, I’ve done no harm here, sitting at my window and he would have to have extremely good eyes to even spot me. Probably it’s a general message to the people walking by. But no-one seemed to be offended by it. In fact, if you want to be sure, your message get’s ignored, it’s pretty save to go for stereotypes like Fuck You. Whatever happened to mystery, to subversion, to love?

Görli Alarm

Captain 22

September 19 2014

A different kind of bird you might say. So much excitement today as an ADAC helicopter touched down in the crater of Görlitzer Park without any warning. Only yesterday I was complaining about my days here at the window being repetitive and always the same and here I was sitting watching it all from a front row seat. There was a lot of police there, people running to and fro, others catatonic and oblivious to what was going on around them, some looking furtively over their shoulders. Just like always I guess. But after a night of heavy activity in the park, you couldn’t help put expect the SWAT team to drop in and clean up the mess. Pretty cunning as well, to rent the ADAC chopper as a disguise for such a raid, seeing that the only thing you give their personnel credit for is to change your flat tyre.

Traces of Bauhaus

Captain 20

September 18 2014

It’s another one of them spot-the-bird pictures. And another one with the Allianz Tower. But at a different time of the day. Look, the things I watch over are limited, they are bound to come back every so often. But my thoughts on them are endless. I guess there must be municipal laws that prevent more of such towers to pop up around town like in any other Capital. So how did the Allianz manage to get away with this one? I’m happy they did, it looks so beautiful in the evening sun and is too far away to block out the morning sun. One of these days I’ll get up early to see if I can get a good view of the sun creeping up behind it. Come Decemeber that might be around 8 or 9 am. Something to look forward too.

He’s working late

Captain 19c

September 17 2014

They build places to live at and they build places to work at. So what’s the difference between the two?! The places people work at, most of them employees couldn’t afford to live there, which is a pity cause the view must be magnificent. But isn’t it strange that the place you work at is more posh than where you live. Unless you’re really high up the tier. On the other hand, it’s a strange concept to be so removed from life on the ground. So high up that you have to take the elevator. And then again, maybe you’ll get used to it in no time and then it’s the most ordinary thing in the world. For me, here on the fourth floor, it’s as high as I’ve ever lived and I’m totally comfortable here. I don’t aspire to step up from here, cause after all, you’re common platypus tends to stay low.

Tree of Limited View

Captain 18

September 16 2014

Yeah, you’re probably gonna say, it’s just like yesterday, but truth be told, my day just feels pretty much like the one I had yesterday. However, there is a bird in the picture, and structure and chaos. Can you ask for more? The smokestacks to the right are from the Spreewaldbad. If I squint I can pretend that the trees and bushes are an eucalyptus forrest in Australia. Of course, the woods in Australia being indeciduous, the trees never lose their leaves. Well they lose a few here and there but not all in one go like around here, so you don’t really notice. This way and you never get those bleak landscapes with scraggy trees that seem devoid of life and hope. But I like this annual circle of bloom and decay. Gives my life something of a structure. And I already look forward to the winter, so that I have a better view onto the overhead subway which is right now blocked by this huge lime tree.

Rex15 was here (apparently)

Captain 17

September 15 2014

A lot of green, bits of red and black tags on a white door in the evening sun. What does it all mean in the greater scheme of things? It would seem that the world is by default beautiful. Even if humans try very hard to mess it up and and show blatant disregard for it’s charms, the world hardly ever holds a grudge and always comes around. And it doesn’t seem to need that much. A little bit of soil, sunlight, water, gravity and the most amazing things happen before not too long. Sometimes people complain about the rain, but what they don’t realize is that, apart from all the nice greenery and river and what not, the more it rains, the better the rock’n’roll originating in those places. Seattle, Portland, Glasgow, a lot of rain, a lot of great music. I recon it’s because the kids stay in the garage and pick up instruments instead of heading to the beach and getting a tan.