branch out

Captain 2016

March 20 2016

It’s been almost a year since you heard form yours truly. I guess I was just too ashamed because my life plodded along with nothing really new to tell, but since a few weeks a couple of crows is building their nest right outside my kitchen window and it’s just too fascinating how they go on about it, seeing that they have no hands and the crow’s beak is not as versatile as, say, a platypus’ beak. Nevertheless, the nest looks pretty damn perfect to me I have to say. And all build without a mortgage or welfare money and what not. The crows don’t notice me here behind the kitchen window but I have grown quite attached to them, being worried every time they fly away on another errand that they might not come back save and sound as the G├Ârlitzer Park is a pretty dangerous place. I hope they gonna have some healthy chicks that I can report on soon.

it might as well be spring

Captain April 2

April 9 2015
But it is already spring. Almost mid of April. The people are outside, basking in the sun, waiting for the trees to blossom. Me, I just like the sight of the passing overhead train on Skalitzer Strasse and come May the leaves of the big lime tree are going to obscure the view well into October I guess. On the other hand, now it’s warm enough to keep the windows open. Noise from the outside world drifts into the flat. Traffic on Skalitzer and Wiener, kid practising skateboard tricks on Spreewaldplatz, people arguing in an exotic language. However, since the new ‘no tolerance policy’ came into effect on the first of April, dealing and fighting has considerably simmered down at this end of the park. Ok, now I can sleep at night, but I feel some of the excitement has gone.

Allianz Tower, Fog

Captain Dez 31

December 31 2014

The Allianz Tower is to me what the Rouen Cathedral was to Monet. That is if I could paint, which I can’t. After all, I’m a platypus. There are limits, you know.
Last day of the year. Pretty good year in many respects. But so was 2013 and 2014. !995 was a bit of a downer if memory serves or was that 96. I guess it doesn’t matter now.
In 2014 I moved into our new flat after living 9 years in Neuk├Âlln. Pretty big change for a platypus my age. But seeing that I spend most of my time sitting at the window watching the world below I dare say it was a huge improvement cause there is so much more to see from up here. Like the Allianz Tower. Surely, it vanishing into the clouds is supposed to be an allegory of something or another, but I can’t think of anything appropriate so I guess for today it’s nothing more than buildings and a winter depression. And birds.

what a little smog can do

Captain 30

October 5 2014

But that’s not all. Of course I know, that as the winter draws near and the days are getting shorter, the sun comes up a little more to the right every day and yet I was surprised that it came up at a completely different spot than yesterday. Those are the perks of having insomnia. You learn so much about the universe, birds and yourself I guess. Or maybe it’s my natural diurnal rhythm catching up with me, cause the east coast of Australia, which is my traditional habitat is 9 hours ahead of Berlin. The sun came up at 20 minutes past 7 this morning and it coincides with the more quiet time of the day. All the more since it is sunday. The punters have gone home, the drunks have passed out, the early birds are not up yet. Except for the real birds, who are up all the time it seems.

Tree of Limited View

Captain 18

September 16 2014

Yeah, you’re probably gonna say, it’s just like yesterday, but truth be told, my day just feels pretty much like the one I had yesterday. However, there is a bird in the picture, and structure and chaos. Can you ask for more? The smokestacks to the right are from the Spreewaldbad. If I squint I can pretend that the trees and bushes are an eucalyptus forrest in Australia. Of course, the woods in Australia being indeciduous, the trees never lose their leaves. Well they lose a few here and there but not all in one go like around here, so you don’t really notice. This way and you never get those bleak landscapes with scraggy trees that seem devoid of life and hope. But I like this annual circle of bloom and decay. Gives my life something of a structure. And I already look forward to the winter, so that I have a better view onto the overhead subway which is right now blocked by this huge lime tree.