Tree of Limited View

Captain 18

September 16 2014

Yeah, you’re probably gonna say, it’s just like yesterday, but truth be told, my day just feels pretty much like the one I had yesterday. However, there is a bird in the picture, and structure and chaos. Can you ask for more? The smokestacks to the right are from the Spreewaldbad. If I squint I can pretend that the trees and bushes are an eucalyptus forrest in Australia. Of course, the woods in Australia being indeciduous, the trees never lose their leaves. Well they lose a few here and there but not all in one go like around here, so you don’t really notice. This way and you never get those bleak landscapes with scraggy trees that seem devoid of life and hope. But I like this annual circle of bloom and decay. Gives my life something of a structure. And I already look forward to the winter, so that I have a better view onto the overhead subway which is right now blocked by this huge lime tree.

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