but Reggae is not

Captain 27

September 27 2014

There was this rally today right in front of my window. A rally against the refugee policies from the government I guess. They chose this spot because of what has happened at the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule, just around the corner a few weeks ago. Though I’m not sure they all realize what actually had happened there. A common misconception is that the school was evacuated in order to deport the refugees back to wherever they came from, when in fact it was evacuated because someone got killed there and that seemed to prove that conditions had become unbearable. There were speeches at the rally and they had such a powerful PA that it was almost impossible not to hear what they had to say. Half of it was in french though, which I can’t understand really. Then they played some Reggae tunes. It’s sad to see how refugees got stigmatized with Reggae in this day and age. Is there no justice anymore. If I was a refugee and I am in a way, I would not like to be associated with that awful music in any form, nor with the Didgeridoo, thank you very much.

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