what a little smog can do

Captain 30

October 5 2014

But that’s not all. Of course I know, that as the winter draws near and the days are getting shorter, the sun comes up a little more to the right every day and yet I was surprised that it came up at a completely different spot than yesterday. Those are the perks of having insomnia. You learn so much about the universe, birds and yourself I guess. Or maybe it’s my natural diurnal rhythm catching up with me, cause the east coast of Australia, which is my traditional habitat is 9 hours ahead of Berlin. The sun came up at 20 minutes past 7 this morning and it coincides with the more quiet time of the day. All the more since it is sunday. The punters have gone home, the drunks have passed out, the early birds are not up yet. Except for the real birds, who are up all the time it seems.

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