Es schneit, es schneit, tralalalala

Captain Dez

December 29 2014

Finally I found words again. Tonight it snowed profusely. It looked so beautiful this morning and everyone seemed to have so much fun. I love the snow. Probably because it is such a rare commodity in my home country. Long ago, the first time I experienced snow, I remember it so vividly. Like today it had snowed overnight and I woke up in the morning and something was off. The room looked different. It was from the light that reflected from the ground outside. And it was so quiet cause the snow muffled all the sounds. And it looked so beautiful, so clean, so pure, so completely different from the day before. Downside being, it never lasts that long. Especially in the city. Come evening it’s just a carpet of filthy sludge. Better enjoy it now.

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