Baby it’s cold outside

Captain Dez 2

December 30 2014

See what I mean about the sludge? Even so, it’s definitely an improvement to how it looked before. Which reminds me, yesterday, early morning, still dark, a loud and persistent scraping sound prematurely terminated my dream of eucalyptus forests and lukewarm lakes. As I was lying there half asleep, half awake, figuring out that someone must be shoveling snow from the pavement, so that the postman doesn’t slip when he gets here to deliver my belated Christmas presents. Only, it wouldn’t stop, it went on for ages and I was lying there getting pretty irritated, thinking, how long can it take to clear a strip of sidewalk for the postman. But then I felt guilty, cause the shoveling guy was doing a service for the community, he had to get up really early, while I was still in bed, starting the day with a power snooze. Then I felt happy cause it wasn’t me who had to get up early, and then irritated again cause the scraping just wouldn’t stop. Oh, it was a turmoil of emotions.

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