it might as well be spring

Captain April 2

April 9 2015
But it is already spring. Almost mid of April. The people are outside, basking in the sun, waiting for the trees to blossom. Me, I just like the sight of the passing overhead train on Skalitzer Strasse and come May the leaves of the big lime tree are going to obscure the view well into October I guess. On the other hand, now it’s warm enough to keep the windows open. Noise from the outside world drifts into the flat. Traffic on Skalitzer and Wiener, kid practising skateboard tricks on Spreewaldplatz, people arguing in an exotic language. However, since the new ‘no tolerance policy’ came into effect on the first of April, dealing and fighting has considerably simmered down at this end of the park. Ok, now I can sleep at night, but I feel some of the excitement has gone.

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