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Captain 2016

March 20 2016

It’s been almost a year since you heard form yours truly. I guess I was just too ashamed because my life plodded along with nothing really new to tell, but since a few weeks a couple of crows is building their nest right outside my kitchen window and it’s just too fascinating how they go on about it, seeing that they have no hands and the crow’s beak is not as versatile as, say, a platypus’ beak. Nevertheless, the nest looks pretty damn perfect to me I have to say. And all build without a mortgage or welfare money and what not. The crows don’t notice me here behind the kitchen window but I have grown quite attached to them, being worried every time they fly away on another errand that they might not come back save and sound as the Görlitzer Park is a pretty dangerous place. I hope they gonna have some healthy chicks that I can report on soon.

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