everybody’s always down

Captain 9

08 September 2014
Sometimes, when I sit here at my window looking down on the world below, I wonder if I live life to the fullest or if I should go out more often. Maybe I’m just a spectator on the outside looking in while the real life happens down there with all the dirt, grit, passion and excitement. The people here going to and fro seem so full of purpose, full of joy and eagerness. The laughter, the shouting, the fights. Often I have imagined how it must be to venture down myself, but I must discard such foolish thoughts as it is very dangerous and also such a strenuous climb down. And once I’m on the street, what would I do? Would they leave me in peace? Would I even be able to get to the other side of the drive without being attacked? How will they react if such a rare species like myself steps onto the sidewalk? Will they laugh at me, or ignore me or just whisper behind my back? And how will I ever get up again?

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