the hooded crowd

Captain 12

10 September 2014

Let’s stay with the Spreewaldbad for the time being cause this is going to be interesting. Today I spotted something very common in front of something very rare. The common thing being the gemeine Nebelkrähe or hooded crow, and the rare thing being an easily accessible wall in Berlin that is still pristine. How can such a strange thing exist in Kreuzberg? Well, the explanation is rather obvious. It just got repainted in a Graffiti inviting light blue as part of an major overhaul of the Spreewaldbad’s entrance building.
The hooded crow breads in northern and eastern Europe and there might be more than 30 million individuals fluttering about on this continent so by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species the hooded crow is listed under ‘least concern’. That sounds slightly derogatory to me and guess what, the crow shares this category with yours truly, despite no-one knowing how many platypuses exist, the unknown number doesn’t seem to decline so there is nothing to worry about.
Me, I just sit here and enjoy the view, hooded crow and pristine wall, come tomorrow they will both be gone.

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