Allianz Tower, Fog

Captain Dez 31

December 31 2014

The Allianz Tower is to me what the Rouen Cathedral was to Monet. That is if I could paint, which I can’t. After all, I’m a platypus. There are limits, you know.
Last day of the year. Pretty good year in many respects. But so was 2013 and 2014. !995 was a bit of a downer if memory serves or was that 96. I guess it doesn’t matter now.
In 2014 I moved into our new flat after living 9 years in Neuk├Âlln. Pretty big change for a platypus my age. But seeing that I spend most of my time sitting at the window watching the world below I dare say it was a huge improvement cause there is so much more to see from up here. Like the Allianz Tower. Surely, it vanishing into the clouds is supposed to be an allegory of something or another, but I can’t think of anything appropriate so I guess for today it’s nothing more than buildings and a winter depression. And birds.

Baby it’s cold outside

Captain Dez 2

December 30 2014

See what I mean about the sludge? Even so, it’s definitely an improvement to how it looked before. Which reminds me, yesterday, early morning, still dark, a loud and persistent scraping sound prematurely terminated my dream of eucalyptus forests and lukewarm lakes. As I was lying there half asleep, half awake, figuring out that someone must be shoveling snow from the pavement, so that the postman doesn’t slip when he gets here to deliver my belated Christmas presents. Only, it wouldn’t stop, it went on for ages and I was lying there getting pretty irritated, thinking, how long can it take to clear a strip of sidewalk for the postman. But then I felt guilty, cause the shoveling guy was doing a service for the community, he had to get up really early, while I was still in bed, starting the day with a power snooze. Then I felt happy cause it wasn’t me who had to get up early, and then irritated again cause the scraping just wouldn’t stop. Oh, it was a turmoil of emotions.

Es schneit, es schneit, tralalalala

Captain Dez

December 29 2014

Finally I found words again. Tonight it snowed profusely. It looked so beautiful this morning and everyone seemed to have so much fun. I love the snow. Probably because it is such a rare commodity in my home country. Long ago, the first time I experienced snow, I remember it so vividly. Like today it had snowed overnight and I woke up in the morning and something was off. The room looked different. It was from the light that reflected from the ground outside. And it was so quiet cause the snow muffled all the sounds. And it looked so beautiful, so clean, so pure, so completely different from the day before. Downside being, it never lasts that long. Especially in the city. Come evening it’s just a carpet of filthy sludge. Better enjoy it now.

down for you is up

Captain 29

September 6 2014
So I was wrong again. The Allianz Tower actually blocks out the morning sun during a short period in the year. In the summer it went well over it and in the Winter it rises to the right of it. But in the Spring and in the Fall it disappears behind it for a few minutes. But come to think of it, that makes it even more attractive. The tower that is. How the sun breaks through the glass. Makes you wanna be there in the morning. Or maybe not. If you were up there you might feel lonely and wish to be down here with all the other folks. I mused on this before.

what a little smog can do

Captain 30

October 5 2014

But that’s not all. Of course I know, that as the winter draws near and the days are getting shorter, the sun comes up a little more to the right every day and yet I was surprised that it came up at a completely different spot than yesterday. Those are the perks of having insomnia. You learn so much about the universe, birds and yourself I guess. Or maybe it’s my natural diurnal rhythm catching up with me, cause the east coast of Australia, which is my traditional habitat is 9 hours ahead of Berlin. The sun came up at 20 minutes past 7 this morning and it coincides with the more quiet time of the day. All the more since it is sunday. The punters have gone home, the drunks have passed out, the early birds are not up yet. Except for the real birds, who are up all the time it seems.

awesome, right?

Captain 28

October 4 2014

It’s been a week. What have I been doing? Days seem to drift by. Just like that. Not even bad days, or days of boredom. Nothing of that sort. I might say as far as autumns go, this one is pretty decent.
Last night I just couldn’t sleep, so I stayed by the window watching the sun rise. It was awesome; as in really awesome, cause nowadays everything is supposed to be awesome, awesome this, awesome that. Can you make it by nine? Awesome! What’s awesome about someone being able to make it by nine. That is not even extraordinary, let alone awesome. But if there is anything really awesome I guess it has to be the sun. Never stops to amaze me. It’s virtually the definition of awesomeness. What a game changer.

but Reggae is not

Captain 27

September 27 2014

There was this rally today right in front of my window. A rally against the refugee policies from the government I guess. They chose this spot because of what has happened at the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule, just around the corner a few weeks ago. Though I’m not sure they all realize what actually had happened there. A common misconception is that the school was evacuated in order to deport the refugees back to wherever they came from, when in fact it was evacuated because someone got killed there and that seemed to prove that conditions had become unbearable. There were speeches at the rally and they had such a powerful PA that it was almost impossible not to hear what they had to say. Half of it was in french though, which I can’t understand really. Then they played some Reggae tunes. It’s sad to see how refugees got stigmatized with Reggae in this day and age. Is there no justice anymore. If I was a refugee and I am in a way, I would not like to be associated with that awful music in any form, nor with the Didgeridoo, thank you very much.

Dark Skies

captain 26

September 25 2014

I had writers block. Couldn’t think of anything to tell for two days. Well, some might argue that this hasn’t stopped me before, but his time it’s different. I guess it’s to do with coming back from Brussels and everything here being just like before, so I said to myself: What’s the point?! But then, it’s not completely like before cause in the meantime the summer has gone and all of a sudden it’s autumn. Yes, the days are shorter, colder and by and large more depressing. And if that sound to negative, I like the cold and the dark and the melancholy that comes with it. And besides, the nights are so much quieter now.

A coffee for the duck?

Captain 25

September 22 2014

Today I was on Business in Brussels. I got a room on the fourth floor and the view wasn’t half bad but it was no match for my window in Berlin. Brussels is a bit like Paris in parts, but with lot’s of new buildings everywhere. Why is that? Brussels never got bombed during WW II, so how do they found all that room for modern stuff? Or did they just had a lot of old and ugly buildings that needed tearing down. On the plane the steward mistook me for a duck. I guess I should be used to it by now, but what kind of duck has no wings and arms and hands. You don’t need to have a Phd in Biology to spot the difference, do you?

have bike, will travel

Captain 24

September 21 2014

Every now and then this array of bicycles appears right in front of our block and then an hour later or so it’s gone again. I always try to watch it closely to see what people come with it and probably even find out what they are doing here, but so far no luck. Either I get distracted by something else or I have a little power nap. For some strange reason, I never saw who came and went on those bikes. Oh well, one of these days I’m gonna catch them. Or maybe it’s one of them time traveling array of bikes that really appear and then disappear without a trace.