Living thousands of Miles away from Home can be tough.

Especially if you're one of a kind. Trying to find another platypus in Berlin proved to be more tricky than expected. In the meantime I hang out with my buddies Albert (a rat) and Peng (a penguin) and watch the world form my window.

branch out

Captain 2016

March 20 2016

It’s been almost a year since you heard form yours truly. I guess I was just too ashamed because my life plodded along with nothing really new to tell, but since a few weeks a couple of crows is building their nest right outside my kitchen window and it’s just too fascinating how they go on about it, seeing that they have no hands and the crow’s beak is not as versatile as, say, a platypus’ beak. Nevertheless, the nest looks pretty damn perfect to me I have to say. And all build without a mortgage or welfare money and what not. The crows don’t notice me here behind the kitchen window but I have grown quite attached to them, being worried every time they fly away on another errand that they might not come back save and sound as the Görlitzer Park is a pretty dangerous place. I hope they gonna have some healthy chicks that I can report on soon.

it might as well be spring

Captain April 2

April 9 2015
But it is already spring. Almost mid of April. The people are outside, basking in the sun, waiting for the trees to blossom. Me, I just like the sight of the passing overhead train on Skalitzer Strasse and come May the leaves of the big lime tree are going to obscure the view well into October I guess. On the other hand, now it’s warm enough to keep the windows open. Noise from the outside world drifts into the flat. Traffic on Skalitzer and Wiener, kid practising skateboard tricks on Spreewaldplatz, people arguing in an exotic language. However, since the new ‘no tolerance policy’ came into effect on the first of April, dealing and fighting has considerably simmered down at this end of the park. Ok, now I can sleep at night, but I feel some of the excitement has gone.

run, sit, lie down

Captain Feb 2

February 7 2015
I don’t know, it’s poetry for me. It’s life in a nutshell, it’s suppose to have a deeper meaning and above all, it’s so damn mysterious. Like, how can it be, that a chair that from this distance seems to be fully functional, is resting there in the middle of the sidewalk for everyone to see and no one has claimed it so far. Are there no Landlords about that early that need another seat for their flea market living room bar? The other mystery of course being: How did the chair got there in the first place? Come to think of it, it was kinda noisy last night, but still, no matter how hard I try, I can’t really think of a scenario that results in an old chair being abandoned here on Spreewaldplatz. Can you?

light the fuse

captain 2014January 1 2015

Ok, they look pretty flimsy in the pictures, the fireworks. They weren’t that impressive to start with but it went on for ages. It’s traditional.
When I was younger and less experienced than today I had this idea that all the money they spend on rockets and firecrackers should go to some professional Pyrotechnician so that he could do something really spectacular that would leave everyone awestruck. I didn’t realize that I was missing the point completely. It’s all about lighting the fuse. People just love that. That’s why all the new year rockets you can buy are so crappy. It doesn’t matter if they result in one pathetic purple glow as long as you can light the fuse.